Crostata di Ricotta

Not the best picture, quickly taken before the pie was whisked off to the neighbours’ house for an evening of food, laughing and too much wine.

Despite the fact that I really don’t make sweet things that often they turn up on the blog with wearisome regularity.  This seems to happen on lots of recipe blogs and I think it’s because – unless you make sweets on the reg – desserts tend to be something you actually need a recipe for.  They tend to be a little less “whack it in the pot with some other stuff, it’ll be fiiiiiiine” and a little more “measure these ingredients out to the exact gram or the whole thing will catch on fire”. (Have I rambled about this before?  I feel like I’ve rambled about this before.  Can’t be bothered checking though.) Continue reading “Crostata di Ricotta”