Lazy it’s-too-hot-for-cooking smoked trout tacos

Well it’s hot outside which can only mean one thing – it’s Australian Open time!  This is the only sport thing you’ll ever see me get excited about.  I love the tennis.  I think it’s because it’s not a team sport.  I’m not a team player.

This is what I made for dinner tonight, it’s fast, tasty, and easy – you can put it together in the ad break while the players change ends.

I’m not going to give amounts for this one, it’s just an expand or reduce depending on how many people you’ve got and what you like kind of situation.


Soft corn tortillas
coriander leaves
spring onion – sliced thinly on the diagonal
Smoked trout
red capsicum – sliced in thin strips
chilli (whatever you’ve got, I had jalapeños) sliced thinly
sesame oil – just a smidge, don’t get carried away
toasted and slightly ground cumin (optional but fab)

Put the watercress, coriander, and spring onion in a bowl.  Toast and grind the cumin and sprinkle it on the leaves.  Slice the capsicum and chilli.  Heat the tortillas then put them on a plate and cover them with a tea towel or another plate until you’re going to eat them.  Open the smoked trout – just put it on the table and let people flake it off with their fingers, or a fork if you’re being a bit fancy.  Dress the salad with the sesame oil and lime juice (do this last because the salad will get wilty quickly).  Put it all on the table and let everyone put their own tacos together.  15 minutes max including faffing time, even with a baby.

Really tasty.  It would definitely take some sesame seeds if you had some sitting around just twiddling their thumbs.