Look, sometimes you just need a toastie and a banana smoothie

I’m actually in the middle of writing a post on making blackberry wine (it’s taking a long time, there are a lot of steps.  It’ll be a long post) but I thought I’d give you a little something because the wine post could take a couple more days.

While I was sitting here typing away I got the total miseries – it’s a bit gloomy today and I’m feeling really pregnant and stuck in the house.  These are things that don’t usually bother me (I like cold weather, I’m mostly enjoying being pregnant) but you know, one can’t be irritatingly upbeat all the time.  Also – more importantly –  it turned out I was really hungry.  I tend to get a little weepy then.

I don’t believe any of you need a recipe for a toasted cheese sandwich, i really just took a picture as I was assembling it because it looked nice and I had the camera to hand.  Nice bread, grated cheese (not even fancy, it’s just Mainland), dijon mustard (what, that’s a perfectly legitimate amount of mustard, it’s not like it was hot english or anything), and pepper.  Washed down with a banana smoothie – couple of scoops of homemade strawberry frozen yoghurt, a banana, milk, and a wee splash of maple syrup because the banana wasn’t as ripe as I would have liked.  I have been living on soups made with leafy greens, noodles, mushrooms, and dashi for the last little while (hence the lack of posts) so hooray for the dairy fest.

I think it might be nap time now.