I’m taking requests


So, Kelly sent me that request last week, which got me to thinking about what people might want from a recipe blog.

Maybe you want someone to road-test a recipe that you’re a bit wary of and need someone to have a go at before you have to the confidence to try it.  I read this great blog called recipe rifle and mein host Esther does a lot of trying out recipes from cook books and some reader requests (her tag line is “getting recipes wrong so you don’t have to” – well worth reading).  She has pointed out a few times that cook books are often (usually) written by chefs and they have a habit of assuming that you have a lot of random specific knowledge so instead of, say, telling you what to do with a quince (pro tip – if you are my friend Jeremy, the answer is throw it in the bin), they will say “prepare the quince in the usual fashion”. This is an amazingly unhelpful direction.  So, if you have a recipe like that send it through and I’ll give it a crack, expand the instructions, and put it up here.


you might have a request that’s a bit more like Kelly’s, which was that she had eaten something a while ago that was amazing and could I figure out how to make it?  This is my kind of request, I’m a sucker for this kind of kitchen fun.  Just provide me with any details you can remember and I’ll give it a red hot go.

The only Rules:  No Pork, No Cephalopods (squids and occies)

If you have a request you can email me, leave me a message in the comments or, if we’re pals on facebook you can message me there too.