Hello my sweet fuckin’ peeps!

I am currently in the blue mountains – in Katoomba. ┬áThere was a bushfire here yesterday two streets away from where we are, but it’s cool, we didn’t burn down – although we did spend a couple of uncertain hours in the pub wondering if we had a house to go back to…

Anyway, I’m away until Tuesdi then we’re off to ye olde Perth town for Andy family birthday visitations on Fridi and will be gone for nine(?) days. ┬áJust dropping in to let you know I might not update in that time as there may be no cooking done by me, or I might just be like fuck you guys, I’m being lazy today, leave me be. Leave me be!

BUT – Coming soon:

– All grain IPA brew

– All the shit in my garden (the piccy at the top is from there, it’s nice and that)

– Reader requests – rum cake, something spinachy etc

– A nostalgic 90s sandwich, a post in which I will ramble about my abandoned PhD and pesto

– Cauliflower and potato curry (is anyone interested in curry recipes? I started writing it up ages ago and then stopped because I though – is this a thing that people need? do people not know how to make a curry? I don’t know)

Later gators!

p.s. send me all your messages

p.p.s – apologies if there are any glaring sense issues here, I may have been drinking